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Fortunecity You get a whopping 10Mb on this site. Only drawback is the slow connection speeds......but they say they're working on it!

Tripod A brilliant site with great ftp capabilities. Only drawback is the pop up screen with adverts they stick on your homepage. You get 11Mb here.

Geocities Much the same as above, and they also give you 11Mb.....More of a community this one. Once again...the only drawback being the pop up adverts.

Free YellowSeems to be a great sort of place. Only 5 webpages though.

Onestop  Never been here.                                                                                             

Crosswinds Unlimited disk space!!!!!!!!! Only trouble is.......I can't always connect to this URL.

Angelfire Another one of the more commonly used sites. They seem to be good.

Communityware Haven't been here

FreeNation Or here

Naz Or here

TowneSquare2000 Or here

Marketnet Or here

HTML Creator Builds pages for you......just fill in the gaps!

Bran Freehomepages Never tried here

Xoom Another big one.....You get 11Mb here!

Spree.Com And another big one.....You get unlimited webspace here!

CONK Loads of stuff to keep you occupied here!

Super News I had a quick look in here.....This seems to be a great site with attractions other than free pages!

UserWorld erm........I can't remember

Get 1 Now I'll look later

Webspawner Ditto

Maxpages Nifty little site!